Nonsense Conspiracy Theory❦?[P.S. 2014/8/26 2:50]

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In Japan as a Japanese, I watched some dozens of YouTube movies about the Conspiracy System established, about a hundred years ago, between the U.S. government and the group of the hereditary International Financiers (or International Bankers), for example, Rothschild family, Rockefeller family and so on.
It seems that the Conspiracy System is now still effectively working on U.S. politics, doesn't it? (The narration of 6 starting movies of this playlist is English.)

Though, of course, the movies point out the similar problems, I also think the System has at least three major problems hindering democracy and having antisocial moneymaking orientaion as following:

1. The substantially private organization such as the FRB issues dollar paper money and gets the huge money corresponding to the interest of the U.S. national loan.

2. U.S. citizens have delusion that they are controlling the U.S. government, but with regard to the important political matters, it seems that the International Financiers decide the governmental action and influence over the government directly, or through the FRB, the CFR and so on.

3. Especially on the war politics, I think that there exists the War-Benefit Harvesting System as in the folloing outline diagram.

My suggestion toward the democracy and the peace, over the U.S. and the whole world is as both of following:

1. The function of the FRB should be placed under the stronger public control than so far.

2. The improved FRB should be independent of any instructions or advice from any organization including the International Financiers by opening the given instruction and advice to the public.

To tell the truth, I don't know the newest movement of the FRB and the FRB-dominating(?) International Financiers but the information of the Web article about the Bilderberg at .

If the Conspiracy System is still working, please do your best with divine guidance for the all mankind.

Don't you Americans think that you must destroy the whole Conspiracy System by duly using U.S. civil rights?

[P.S. 2014/8/26 2:50]
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