International Community should Join Forces to Liberate China♡!【Added part 8 added on August 14, 2015, about 7:30 PM】

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Subject: Two Recommended Readings
To: total about 1400 addresses in Greater China

Dear the Chinese People,

Today, I recommend two books.
You've heard of natural right or Right of Resistance, haven't you?

It is said that these two books led The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America, and the French Revolution.

If you can, you should translate those readings into Chinese, and spread those Chinese version over Greater China.

The China Communist Party should be dissolved as soon as possible.

MickyTheDivine < >

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Subject: "Updated My Blog abot the China Communist Party~♡"
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I updated my blog~♡. Please treat the writing well.

Especially, here's the CCP's invading-Japan manual made before AD 1972, mainly directing to buy, directry or indirectly, and control the Japanese politicians and the Japanese mass media.
[Japanese Version]
[English Version - Translating till the End of This or Next Month]

Of cource, you know organ harvesting by the CCP, don't you?
MickyTheMiracle < >

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"International Community should Join Forces to Liberate China♡!"

The above YouTube playlist consists of about 100 Japanese speaking movies. In these movies, Mr. Kanji Nishio of an honorary professor of Univ. of Electro‐Communications, explains the contents of the books that are designated to the subjects of the book-burning by the General Headquarters just after the World War II.
According to the 20 movies from the beginning on that playlist, I think that the truth is that 'About Europa and about U.S.A., the era of the last few hundred years, since the Westerners began to trade with Asia, the Middle East and Africa, are telling us that "the Westerners have been able to keep richness in their each countries, just because the Western countries have been able to hold colonies outside their own countries, and to plunder natural resources, slaves, farm products and the manpower in farms and factories, from the colonies"'.
One movie told me that 'At the colonial period, Frenches in the Indochina peninsula ate the native people'.
I think that many various wicked deeds by the Western countries in the colonies weren't reported to their own countries, but Ashkenazi Nobles (Pseudo-Judea Nobles) know those wicked deeds, so Ashkenazi Nobles at present can have the more power than the money power towards the systems of governments of the Western countries.

Of course, now, any countries can hardly do any plundering from democratized countries by the native people, as para colonies.
And many Western countries, including Japan, may have situations that the society lost the vitality, by buying of politics by vested interests power.
Under those social situations, especially England, France, Germany and Italy and so on, it seems that the Western countries think that they can utilize China to revitalize their own countries' economies.

However, the utilization of China is complete fault. In China, the Chinese Communist Party of about 5% of China's entire population, impose autocracy on the residual 95% Chinese people.
The Westerners must abandon the delusion that 'In China, as the Chinese people feel richness of their own society by economic development, the CCP's autocracy gradually becomes relaxed and the China's political system gradually advances democracy'.
The CCP in the similar way of the Ashkenazi, has strong materialism and racialism, and is carrying out their plan to expand their controlling territory using ethnic cleansing, as needed, and their plan is ultimately to conquer the world.

The CCP has the expectation that, 'by using the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, they may gather money from around the world and may sell surplus raw material in China, to recover China economy and retain autocracy'.

The following playlist explains the AIIB adequately but in Japanese.

I've heard that European countries are favorable to the AIIB in spite of the above CCP's plot, so I judged that the politicians and the mass media in the each Western country may be controlled by CCP's direct or indirect buying.
Also as same as Ashkenazi, the politicians and the mass media are brought to brainwash the voters.

Actually, as the following word file, the CCP also made the invading manual, before 1972, directing to buy, directly or indirectly, the politicians and the mass media of other country, as same as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion of the Ashkenazi.

I'll translate this Japanese written manual into English and disclose the translated manual for free, as the following Word file 'Plot Directive for Liberation of Japan - Phase II', by the end of this or next month.

The obedience of the European countries to the money power CCP in the AIIB may be the indication of the colonialism by the European people.
In the European countries, the utilization of the other country's autocracy situation for their own country's economy is the politicians' hypocrisy, and their voters who know the utilization and don't protest to the politics, are also the same as the politicians.

I don't know how China looks like for the European countries, but the European countries must not be deceived by the China's outside appearance produced by the CCP's impression manipulation. The European countries should perceive the CCP's wicked nature that hasn't changed since their origin days.
The unchanged CCP's insanity beyond the age is surely embodied to the construction of military installations onto the Spratly Islands, organ harvesting from the Falun Gong practitioners and death-row convicts, ethnic cleansing in Tibet, Uyghur and Southern Mongolia, the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the communism violent revolution known as the Great Cultural Revolution, the failure of the Great Leap Forward and so on.

Especially, about organ harvesting, I made the following playlist.

All of international community should join forces to dissolve the autocrat CCP as bloodlessly as possible.

Citizens not only in the Europa shouldn't play innocent.
Each European country, as long as they are aware that the CCP exploits natural resources from Tibet, Uyghur and Southern Mongolia under the autocracy, and that the CCP reserves the cheap manpower by slavish treatment for workers, is not allowed to utilize the China's autocracy situation.
The ideal reason can be the universal fraternity, the natural right thoughts, the race egalitarianism or the like.
The Europeans should become aware that helping for the CCP means to let the CCP preserve the autocracy and indirectly to exploit the Chinese people except the CCP, for Europeans' own ends.

The European must, at first, understand the true nature of the CCP, and next, abandon discrimination sense toward colored races including Orientals, that is to say, correct hidden colonialism.
It seems that Europeans' wrong judgment may come from racial reason of the Anglo-Saxons and Latins, or from religious reason of Catholicism and Protestantism. But it seems that, for sure, the discrimination sense makes Europeans judge wrongly.

The following YouTube playlist tells us the true nature of the CCP.

In each European country, if somehow citizens want to vitalize society and economy, the purpose should be achieved, primarily as the domestic matter, not by utilizing the autocrat CCP, but by proper means such as propulsion toward the free and fair competitive order.
For example or as the most important matter, it is known that mass media are basically dominated by the Ashkenazi in the Western countries. Toward the creation of the society worth living, some kind of irrational and unsound fixing structure existing in each industry should continue to be detected and reformed.

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今月か来月中には,このマニュアルの英訳を,次のWordファイル「Plot Directive for Liberation of Japan - Phase II」として完成させて無償公開します。